The Angers area

Discover Angers

A city with a high quality of life

Angers is France’s 17th city and is often elected first in the ranking of French cities desirable to live in. Dynamic with its 45 000 students, Angers combines a rich history, cultural opportunities, economic innovation and a quality of life which all go to make it an attractive city to visit and to live and work in.

« Two feathers in its cap » : the plant and high tech sectors

The plant sector

Angers is closely linked to the plant sector particularly because of its important agriculture as well as its horticulture and nursery expertise. Its mild climate, the omnipresence of water and rich soil have favoured the development of a variety of cultures.

The city is host to many exceptional parks and gardens including the Jardin des Plantes, the Arboretum, the Park du Lac de Maine and Terra Botanica. Training and research organisations have enabled the city to have a competitive pole in the plant sector and is the home of the OCVV (Community Plant Variety Office). In 2023 the « Observatoire des Villes Vertes » named Angers, for the fourth time running, the greenest town in France.

The electronics sector

Angers concentrates an innovating ecosystem of actors in the electronic domaine dating back to 1911. « We Network », the first French cluster in this sector in France accompanies more than 200 companies. The Electronic Technocampus of Angers, founded in 2019, is a national technical platform for the acceleration of the electronics industry of the future (connected objects, smart sensors, smart power …) and its applications.

A city with a rich heritage

City of Art and History Label

2000 years of history and an environment of humid valleys, situated between the Loire Valley and Brittany, have determined Angers’ present day appearance. It’s combination of schale and tuffeau stone architecture is illustrated in the powerful silhouette of the Castle which with its 17 towers dominates the Maine river. The Apocalypse Tapestry, a masterpiece which has found its place in the castle, was inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2023.

The canonical district of the city, the area of the Doutre, the 40 half-timbered houses including the « Maison d’Adam » all go to make up a very rich cultural heritage which is situated between the Cathedral and the « Collégiale Saint Martin » as well as in the city. The « Toussaint abbey church » is devoted to the work of the sculptor David d’Angers and the Angers Art Gallery offers an innovative visit in the history of art of paintings between the 15th and 20th centuries. There are numerous classical and contemporary sculptures and fountains scattered around the different neighbourhoods of the city. And last but not least, the mosaicist Odorico, who has left his mark on the city from his presence here in the 1930’s.

A large and diversified offer of cultural activities

Throughout the year, Angers’ major cultural facilities such as the « Centre de Congrès », « Le Quai », « Le Grand Théâtre », « Le Chabada »… offer a rich and varied choice in their programmes. Numerous festivals such as the « Festival Premiers Plans », each year hosted by a celebrity, the « Festival d’Anjou » not forgetting the very popular « Accroche-cœurs », give our city an attractive image somewhere between tradition and modernity.

Classical music, modern or electro and comic books are not forgotten…

Financial support from the Metropolitan and local authorities allow young people, school children and students, to benefit from a wide range of artistic activities.

Angers – Sport friendly !

With regard to sport, Angers is very active in this domaine. Inhabitants and visitors can benefit from a wide variety of activities and sporting events. Angers is well-known for its football team « SCO Angers » and its ice-hockey team « Les Ducs d’Angers ». And many Angevins do practise a sport.

Gourmet Delights

Few culinery specialities but a high quality cuisine using locally grown vegetables, fruit and wine products. You will find all these on the open-air markets as well as in the Biltoki covered market.

A few examples  : asparagus and strawberries, « Giffard » and « Cointreau » syrups, the « Gouline Angevine » (a savory pie), « Quernons d’Ardoise » and « Caramandes » (chocolates) not forgetting the « Pâté aux Prunes » (plum pie) for sale in the Summer.

Vineyards, stunning landscapes and … nectar.

After visiting the city, nothing better than a walk in one of the many vineyards nearby. The different varieties of grapes benefitting from the proximity of the River Loire and its tributaries will enchant you with their dry or sweet white wines, rosés and red wines.

The AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) Anjou wines are well-known for their wide palette of colours and flavours.

New forms of soft mobility

Pedestrian and meeting areas where pedestrians have the right of way make it easy to walk safely around the city either for shopping or sight-seeing.

The first tramway line was introduced in Angers in 2011 and there are now three tramlines which are connected the to the TGV Station and to different important parts of the agglomeration.

The network of cycle paths has been greatly developped in the agglomeration. Angers is situated at the crossroads of well-known cycle routes such as « La Loire à vélo » and the « VéloFrancette ». It is possible to sail on the rivers and the Loire – Kayaking or on traditional boats or barges.

There are many footpaths and hiking trails starting from Angers and in the surrounding areas.