The Angers area

With a passionate Greeter, come to visit Angers,  famous for the sweetness of the life and its very rich architectural heritage.


Entertainment and performing arts

DSC01663Theater, danse, music,  opera, street arts….

Along the year, Angers offers richs and diverses programmings in its big cultural theaters like  Le Quai, the Grand Theater, the Chabada… Many major events are organized like the First Films Festival sponsorised by Jeanne Moreau, the festival of Anjou, 2nd theater festival in France after Avignon festival or the street festival in September  the Accroche-coeurs,  giving a connotation between tradition and modernity.



with the label “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire”

More than two thousands years of history and a specific environment of humids valleys,  at the confluence of Loire valley and Britanny have contributed to give to Angers its actuel face. The two materials og granite and sandstone used for the constructions are predominante everywhere and specially in the castle of Angers, with 17 towers above the Maine river. The canonial area named “la Cité”, the neighborhood of the Doutre, over the Maine river, the timbered houses, among the famous Adam House, the medieval Cathedral and the Saint Martin Collegial compose a very rich and diversified set. The Toussaint Abbey houses under its glass roof  David of Angers’s sculptures and plasters  and the Beaux-Arts Museum  a very original  panorama of the painting history  from the 15th to  20th centuries.

Fond of sports, the inhabitants of Angers !

The valorous loser of the longest in the history of professional tennis match, Nicolas Mahut is not the single one representative of the  Angevin sport.  In Angers, 36000  inhabitants are licensed in over 150 amateur clubs, but also professionals. Many people hope to one day join the SCO Angers (football), the Ducs d’Angers (Ice Hockey), ABC (Basketball) and the Valiant Angers (table tennis) that are part of the elite . Sport is an integral part of the Angevine culture. The city of Angers has developed a label “Sport and sustainable development” and a partnership with Bamako (capital of Mali) to assist the democratization of responsible sport.


shoppingWindow-shopping for everybody!

In Angers , many independant shops are present, specially rue Saint-Laud  and rue Saint-Aubin ready-to-wear clothes,  lingerie, costume jewellery,  local produces, wines and so one… In the center, the streets with pavement will charm you.  You will also discover the national brands  ( Galeries Lafayette, Zara, Mango, Comptoir des Cotonniers, L’Occitane, Cache Cache, Fnac etc.) rues d’Alsace, Lenepveu, etc.



Cocktail, pastries, sweets, you will be fond of taste many specialities of Anjou :

The Vineyards in Anjou between landscape and nectar!

DSC03601Rocked by the Loire and its affluents, types of wine are growing  to the gates of the City. With several designations of origin (AOC), the Anjou region meets the sharpened nose. Dry or sweet white, rosé or red will seduce you. Aubance hillsides or the Coulee de Serrant, Angevin titles are offering a palette of colors and flavors that made them well-known. To discover them, nothing better like a stroll in the vineyards where the grapes will tell their story. Between vineyards, wine cellars, wine bars and restaurants, you will find your happiness. In City center or in the town, a greeter will show you the best places.


The new ways of transportation

IMG_4163Since 2011, in Angers, a tramway had been connected to the train station and bus network that links the north and south of the city in a few minutes. The cycle network has been organized : Linked with the “Loire à vélo”,  the Angevin loop of the Loire by bike through slate and Maine shoreline offer many possibilities of discovery of the city and its surroundings in freedom. The pedestrian area and meeting areas where the pedestrians have priority  used to wander safely in the heart of town for window-shopping.