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Who are the Greeters?

Want to discover Angers with a local resident? Our greeters are very happy to share their favorite town with you. Tips, selected local spots and unusual strolls are offered. We have a mixed team made up of young workers and retired residents, all with a wide range of hobbies and living in Angers or its surrounding area. All of them are passionate about Angers.

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The Greeters ‘s birth

In 1992, Lynn Brooks strongly desired to rub out the negative image of the sprawling and then-frightening city of New York. She wanted to present the town she loved in a better light. At this time, with some of her good friends, she offered a different kind of stroll to tourists, which were organized by local residents. So was the Greeters organization born. This new form of tourism has been a fantastic occasion for tourists to discover and understand a new touristic destination: its environment,  population, culture and local values. The idea behind Greeters is a new experience based on the principles of meeting with tourists to share and exchange with volunteer Greeters.

The term “Greeter” is the English equivalent of the French term for “host”or “welcome committee”. In 20 years, it has become a global brand. This concept has been expanded in others cities and areas, specially in Europe in Kent, Den Haag, Nantes and Paris. Since 2010, this social network has known a fantastic and keen interest all around the world. Different destinations have come together to create both an international network International Greeter Association (IGA) and also a French network France Greeters.

Founded in 2011, the non-profit organization Angers Loire Greeters is a group of enthusiatic and volunteer local residents who love their city and have decided to share their experiences, as with a friend.   Neither tourist guides nor specialists, simply passionate people who want to familiarize visitors to their town or area. By foot, by bike and by tram, all are good ways of discovering Angers!

Our core values  

How is a greet ?


Very simple. Please get in touch with our team  by filling the application form. You will be contacted in order to fix an appointment, location, date and timetable. One, two or three hours of tour with discussions, chats in a personal exchange with your Greeter.

So don’t hesitate. Come have a good time in Angers!

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